Date Holds & TBC (To Be Confirmed): Deciphering the Event Lingo! 📆❓

What are they? 🤔
“Date Holds” are potential dates reserved for an event. “TBC” (To Be Confirmed) is a placeholder indicating details are still pending.

Dialling Back the Dates:
In a world without digital calendars, Date Holds were crucial in manually juggling event schedules. TBC, meanwhile, has always been the universal “wait-for-it” sign.

How does this relate to Booking?
Date Holds often precede final bookings. Once details are locked in, TBC gets replaced with specifics.


  • Can multiple events hold the same date?
    Initially, yes. It’s often first come, first served or based on priorities.
  • When does TBC get confirmed?
    As soon as details are finalised.

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