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Crescat is a collaborative software for venues, festivals and event professionals. We help you plan, manage and execute – all in one place.


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Top companies trust Crescat

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Stage and Culture

Crescat Venue

Never double book rooms or crew again. Use ready-made templates and share realtime information with your team and others.
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Crescat Festival

An all in one solution to streamline your festival production. Advance your artists, coordinate your crew, manage your volunteers, and so much more.
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Concerts & Events

Crescat Event

Crescat Event is tailored for concert promoters and event agencies. No more endless email threads or outdated spreadsheets.
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Industry professionals trust Crescat

(For us, Crescat has replaced three different management tools, and is now the hub of all information shared across three departments.)
Martin Holmes
Bergen Live / Bergenfest
Norway's leading organiser of live events outside Oslo
(Getting rid of long e-mail threads and locally stored documents has greatly simplified our job. Crescat is cost-effective, simple, flexible, and rich in content.)
Thor-Erik Fjellvang
Kulturkirken Jakob
The unique cultural church in Oslo
(The way we worked before, we sat on our own islands in terms of information. With Crescat, we have gained a common working method and a common working platform.)
Øyvind Johan Olsen
Parkenfestivalen / Svømmehallen
An outdoor music festival in Bodø, Norway, that was first held in 2006.
Bust of Steinar Glas from DOGA looking like a secret agent
(The biggest benefit with Crescat is the time I save, and that it gives me a complete overview. The templates do a lot of the work.)
Steinar Glas
A flexible venue for design and architecture-related activities

Why use Crescat?

Get rid of endless apps and outdated spreadsheets

Crescat gives you all you need in one place

Save boatloads of time while collaborating

Get complete overview yet focus on what matters

Get empowered
with intuitive features

The dashboard - it's where all your events live.

Get a hawk’s-eye view over all your group’s events or simply click a square to make a new one.

Events just sorta happen.

Stencil new events in with robust templates and watch as events practically build themselves. Doing a concert? Just add a concert “Event Type” and voila! Design unlimited event types for any occasion.

Collaborate with teams and individuals.

Build events with your team or collaborate with other groups! Invite anyone with a computer and an internet connection to join the fun. Decide who can make changes and who just gets to watch.

Rig, run, and relax - Crescats got you.

Crescat is fully stocked with running orders, stage displays, checklists, the Crescat Companion mobile app, and much more. It feels like cheating.

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