Simplify Staff Scheduling with Crescat Shift Plan

Crescat Shift Plan takes the complexity out of managing your team's schedules, ensuring seamless event execution with effortless shift creation and assignment.

Effortless Scheduling:

  • On-the-Go Templates: Utilise pre-built shift templates or create your own to quickly assign shifts to individuals, teams, or entire groups. Crescat streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Event-Centric Management: Connect shifts directly to specific events, ensuring everyone is assigned the right tasks at the right time.

Enhanced Communication & Organization:

  • Automated Notifications: Crescat automatically notifies staff members about their assigned shifts, eliminating confusion and missed communication.
  • Centralised Tracking: Track staff attendance and manage all aspects of your scheduling process within a single, user-friendly module.


  • Reduced Scheduling Headaches: Simplify staff scheduling with intuitive features and pre-built templates.
  • Improved Team Efficiency: Ensure everyone is on the same page with clear communication and centralised management.
  • Streamlined Event Execution: Focus on delivering exceptional events, knowing your team is covered with Crescat Shift Plan.

Take control of your staff scheduling. Perfect for Venue managers and Event organisers.