Effortlessly Manage Festival Accreditations

Streamline Accreditation Processes for Crew, Volunteers, Press, and More

Customizable Accreditation Levels

Tailor accreditation levels to your festival's needs, ensuring efficient management and access control for different groups and individuals.

Shareable Accreditation Office Links

Generate easily shareable and customizable Accreditation Office Links for accreditation staff, allowing them to manage accreditation requests and approvals seamlessly.

Flexible Accreditation Rules

Set up rules for accreditations for crew and volunteers, ensuring smooth and efficient allocation of access privileges based on roles and responsibilities.

Public Form for Accreditation Requests

Empower press, vendors, partners, and other groups to request accreditation via a public form, streamlining the application process and centralizing all requests in one place.

Guest List Management

Effortlessly set up guest lists for artists, performers, and VIPs, ensuring they receive the access and amenities they require for a memorable festival experience.

Choice of Handling Options

Choose how to handle accreditations—either utilize the accreditation offices for centralized management or download reports for handling accreditation elsewhere, providing flexibility and convenience.

Centralized Accreditation Management for Seamless Festivals

By centralizing accreditation management, our feature simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on delivering a memorable and hassle-free festival experience for all participants.