Visualise, Plan, and Perfect Your Festival Schedule

Crescat's intuitive Festival Scheduler empowers you to create and manage your festival's lineup with unmatched ease. This powerful tool provides a visual interface to streamline scheduling, allowing you to visualise your festival’s flow and ensure a well-organised and captivating event for your audience.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Scheduling: Drag and drop events on the timeline, finding the perfect flow for your festival. Experiment with different configurations until you achieve an optimal schedule.
  • Flexible Event Management: Create placeholder events for events yet to be finalised, assign event types for easy distinction, and confirm events as your schedule solidifies.
  • Categorization: Assign event types (e.g., music performances, workshops, talks) to provide structure and clarity to your schedule.
  • Granular Control: Lock your finalised schedule to prevent accidental changes, and filter events based on venue and type for a focused view.
  • Multi-View Options: Tailor your planning experience with various view options:
    • Day View: Gain a detailed breakdown of your festival's hourly timeline, ensuring clear visibility of all events and potential overlaps.
    • Calendar View: Maintain a comprehensive overview of your multi-day festival, keeping track of events across the entire program.
    • Stage/Venue View: Visualise the schedule for each stage or venue, allowing for optimised planning and a wider variety of programming options.


  • Effortless Schedule Creation: Save time and streamline your festival planning process with an intuitive and visual interface.
  • Enhanced Clarity and Communication: Ensure clear understanding of the event flow for both internal teams and external stakeholders.
  • Optimized Audience Experience: Craft a captivating and well-paced festival program that keeps audiences engaged throughout the event.
  • Reduced Risk of Errors: Minimize scheduling conflicts and ensure a smooth event execution with clear visualization tools.
  • Peace of Mind: Gain confidence knowing your festival schedule is meticulously planned and effectively communicated.

Crescat's Festival Scheduler empowers you to craft the perfect festival lineup, leaving you free to focus on delivering an unforgettable event.