Streamline Festival Registration and Volunteer Management

User-friendly form builder makes it easy to craft volunteer sign-ups, press credential requests, and RSVPs from VIPs or other official attendees, seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

Managing festival registration and volunteer sign-ups can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Crescat's Public Forms offers a user-friendly solution to streamline your logistics and improve productivity.

With Public Forms you can easily create volunteer sign-ups, press credential requests, and RSVPs for VIPs or other official attendees. Say goodbye to manual processes and spreadsheets, and hello to a more efficient festival management experience.

Effortless Form Creation and Sharing:

  • Easy Form Creation: Easily create volunteer sign-up forms with our user-friendly form builder
  • Shareable Link: Share the link via a website, email, or any platform to register thousands of volunteers with a single form
  • Instant Item Creation: Upon submission, responders immediately become an item you can work with in Crescat—not just a name on a spreadsheet
  • Flexible Assignment: Accept or decline submissions as they roll in and assign volunteers their ideal shift whenever it suits you

Streamlined Workflow and Volunteer Management:

  • Streamlined Process: Say goodbye to working across multiple windows and screens
  • Integrated Tracking: Crescat’s Public Forms seamlessly integrates into your workflow, keeping track of when and where your volunteers would like to work
  • Tailored Selection: Easily select the right volunteer from a tailored list that matches the specific shift you're creating, without manually sifting through a long list of names

More Than Volunteers:

  • Versatile Usage: Use public forms to gather press credentials, RSVPs from VIPs, or any of your festival’s more official attendees
  • Time-Saving Tool: Crescat’s public forms are a powerful tool for any festival, big or small, letting you spend less time on logistics and more on creating an unforgettable festival experience

Crescat's Public Forms empowers you to streamline festival registration and volunteer management, allowing you to focus on delivering a successful festival.