Simplify and Organize Your Festival's Travel and Lodging Needs

Efficiently manage travel plans for performers, including plane tickets, accommodations, and local travels.

The travel and accommodation feature in Crescat Festival allows festival organizers to efficiently manage travel plans for performances, travel parties, and artists with ease.

Key Benefits

  • Effortless Travel Planning: Easily input detailed travel information including departure and arrival times, destinations, and transport types for performances, travel parties, and artists.
  • Smooth Local Travel Coordination: Coordinate local travels between airports, hotels, venues, and other destinations with ease, ensuring seamless transitions between locations.
  • Efficient Accommodation Tracking and Management: Keep track of accommodations with ease. Enter arrival and check-out times, along with the details of who is checking in and out and when and where, ensuring smooth lodging arrangements.
  • Customizable Reports for Clear Communication: Download customizable reports tailored for transport managers, hotels, and other accommodation providers, facilitating clear communication and coordination between all parties involved.
  • Integrated Performance Itinerary: All information entered into the system seamlessly integrates into the performance itinerary, making it easily shareable through the advance feature, ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed and coordinated regarding travel and accommodation arrangements.