Streamline Artist Communication with Crescat Advances

Crescat Advances simplifies communication and information exchange with your performers, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

Crescat Advances streamlines festival artist management and communication by providing a centralized platform with direct messaging, tailored updates, and customizable forms, ensuring seamless communication and organization for a stellar festival experience.

Effortless Artist Liaison:

  • Seamless Communication: Send and receive messages directly through Crescat's platform, eliminating email threads and scattered information.
  • Personalised Information: Distribute general festival updates alongside specific details relevant to each performer.
  • Clear Expectations: Clearly communicate travel arrangements, accommodation details, and production information.

Empower Artist Input:

  • Customised Forms: Create tailored forms for artists to submit their specific requirements, streamlining the process.
  • Deadline Management: Set validity periods for advances, ensuring timely responses from artists.

Focus on what matters most - creating a stellar festival experience. Crescat Advances puts clear communication and organisation at your fingertips.