The “Advance” in Live Events: More Than Just Moving Forward! 🚀

What is it? 🤔 In the simplest terms, “Advance” refers to all the prep work done before the event. It’s when artists, managers, and event organisers communicate about various requirements and details, ensuring a smooth event.

Background Check: The advance process is like the backbone of event planning. Without it, you could be heading into an event blindfolded. Historically, this is where deals were sealed with handshakes and agreements made over a casual cup of coffee.

How’s it different? Now, you might be thinking, isn’t this just planning? Not quite! While planning is the broader concept, advancing is about narrowing down specifics like the stage setup, tech needs, and so on.


  • Is it called “Advance” because it’s done in advance? Yes, and no. It’s done ahead of time, but it’s also about advancing discussions and ironing out specifics.
  • Is it only for big events? Nope! Whether it’s a big concert or a small gig, advancing is always crucial.

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