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Festspillene i Bergen adopts Crescat’s complete festival production software

Festspillene i Bergen, a leading international cultural festival, is expanding upon its long-running collaboration with Crescat, to fully adopt Crescat’s festival production software for future events. After a successful Festspillene in 2024, FiB is transitioning its rigorous festival planning process to Crescat, to make use of the software’s rich set of collaborative production features, including scheduling, performance management and advancing, stage coordination and volunteer/crew management.

This exciting development in FiB and Crescat’s relationship follows three years of the international festival utilising Crescat’s powerful volunteer management module to register, coordinate and manage hundreds of volunteers across multiple events, venues and stages.

FiB 2024 - Thor Brødreskift
With over 70 years of history, Festspillene i Bergen is a hugely important festival for showcasing a rich variety of music, opera, theatre and dance. As one of the leading international festivals in Europe and a cultural cornerstone for Bergen and the Nordics more broadly, it is very exciting to see how FiB fully integrates Crescat Festival into its festival production.  

“We are delighted to develop our relationship with Crescat,” said Tonje Elisabeth Storm Peersen, Head of Programme & Production at Festspillene i Bergen. “We have great experience of utilising Crescat’s festival production software for volunteer management and we are looking forward to making use of the software’s full collaborative capabilities as we put together an exciting programme for the 2025 festival.”

For more information about Festspillene i Bergen, head to fib.no.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift

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