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Powered by Crescat: Bergenfest 2024

What is Bergenfest?
Bergenfest is a festival from the 12 - 15 June. There are many amazing artists performing at this year's festival and it is one of the most popular music festivals in Norway. The festival takes place at Bergen's historic Bergenhus fortress.

We asked Julian Jonassen, who joined us for work experience this month, what he thought about Bergenfest and who he was most excited to see at this year's festival!

Why Julian thinks people should go to Bergenfest
People should go to Bergenfest because it takes place in the best city in Norway - Bergen 😎.
Bergen has really fantastic nature and when you're there you should take a trip to Fløyen, one of the city's seven mountains.

Julian's top 5 artist picks for Bergenfest 2024

  1. Stormzy
  2. Myles Smith
  3. Kneecap
  4. Tom Odell
  5. Skaar

Crescat as a planning tool for Bergenfest
Bergenfest uses Crescat Festival as a key planning tool so they can prepare everything in an easy way, without the stress 👌.

Find out more about Bergenfest and how you can get tickets at

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