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Crescat Festival and Bodø 2024: A landmark collaboration for cultural celebrations

Bodø, a picturesque city in Northern Norway, will become a vibrant hub of cultural activity in 2024 as it dons the prestigious European Capital of Culture title. With it, the award brings a year-long celebration, showcasing over 1000 live events throughout Bodø and the Nordland county. At the heart of this cultural landmark is Bodø 2024, the organisation responsible for orchestrating the celebrations.

We are proud to share that Bodø 2024 has chosen Crescat Festival to manage volunteers across their rich program of events—a testament to Crescat’s capability in handling large-scale event coordination.

About Bodø 2024

Bodø 2024, a project brimming with creativity and community spirit, aims to strengthen the voluntary sector in Bodø and Nordland in and beyond 2024. It encompasses several major projects that will play a pivotal role, including:

The role of Crescat Festival

This collaboration with Bodø 2024 highlights Crescat Festival’s strength in supporting large-scale event management and volunteer coordination. It’s an exciting opportunity for Crescat to showcase its efficiency and versatility in a high-profile international setting.

The partnership doesn’t just mark a significant achievement for Crescat but also highlights the essential role of technology in modern event management. With a huge amount of volunteers spread over a vast array of events, having Crescat Festival by their side has been critical in helping them organize, schedule, and communicate with their volunteers—ensuring smooth operations across various venues and events.

A partnership for success

As they embark on this cultural journey, we extend our warmest wishes for a successful and vibrant year of events. We’re truly honored that Bodø 2024 has chosen Crescat for their volunteer management. While Bodø gears up for its moment in the cultural spotlight, Crescat Festival is poised to play a vital role in facilitating an unforgettable year of events and celebrations.

Here’s to a memorable 2024 in Bodø! 🎉🇳🇴

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