What is 'Opening Act'?

An opening act in the music industry refers to the performer or group that takes the stage before the main headliner at a live event. This term is commonly used in the context of concerts, music festivals, and other live performances.

Role of the Opening Act

The opening act serves as the warm-up for the audience, setting the tone for the rest of the event and getting the crowd excited for the headlining act. They typically perform for a shorter duration than the main headliner, usually around 30-45 minutes, and their primary goal is to engage the audience and build anticipation for the main act.

Opportunities for Emerging Artists

For emerging artists, being chosen as an opening act for a well-known headliner can provide valuable exposure and the opportunity to showcase their talent to a larger audience. It can also help them gain new fans and expand their fan base.

Selection Process

The selection of an opening act is often made by the headlining artist or their management team. Factors such as musical style, audience demographic, and overall fit with the headliner's brand and image are taken into consideration when choosing an opening act.

Overall, the opening act plays an important role in the live event production and can significantly contribute to the overall success of the event.