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I Work in Two Places but in One System

KULTURHUSET: Since its inception in 2013, Kulturhuset has been one of Oslo’s most important gathering points for cultural experiences.

Kulturhuset arranges a myriad of events, bringing the joy of culture to everyone. During the day, the focus is on lectures, conferences, dance, or exhibitions, while the evenings are enriched with exciting concert experiences or pleasant social gatherings.

…we download reports that give us opportunities to make good decisions.

Rebecca Dahn, Event Manager at Kulturhuset

At Kulturhuset in Oslo, Crescat Venue is the production tool for its events. “We post all relevant information about the events in Crescat. Then everyone has updated information at all times “, says event manager Rebecca Dahn. “Those who work with an event will find, among other things, the daily schedule, documents, and tasks in the app or online”.

The neighboring venue Youngs also uses Crescat as its production tool, and Henning Krane is the administrator in both places. “In Crescat Venue, I can switch between Youngs’ calendar and Kulturhuset with the push of a button. I work in two places, but in one system, which makes my job significantly faster and clearer”, Krane continues. “I have also started using it at Oslo Camping and Prindsen Hage to book DJs. It is very convenient to have everything gathered in one place, and not have to mix in classic calendar tools.”

Amongst the day-to-day activities included in running Kulturhuset in Oslo, is managing location booking, where it is critical that invoicing and key information about the client match. “The contact list gives us a good overview of events that are upcoming, and have been, for our clients. In Crescat Venue, we create an invoice basis, and we download reports that give us opportunities to make good decisions”, concludes Rebecca Dahn.

We at Crescat appreciate the brilliant collaboration we have with Kulturhuset in Oslo!

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