Hospitality Rider: Because Artists Deserve the VIP Treatment Too! 🍾

What is it? 🤔
It’s a list specifying what artists need in terms of comfort. Think about their favourite snacks, drinks, and even the type of chairs in their dressing rooms!

Back in the day, artists had verbal agreements about their needs. Nowadays, the Hospitality Rider ensures their requests are met, making them feel right at home.

Isn’t it the same as the Technical Rider?
Nope! While the Technical Rider is all about equipment and stage setups, the Hospitality Rider is all about the artist’s personal comfort.


  • Do all artists have outrageous demands?
    No! While some might want specific brands, many are quite reasonable with their requests.
  • Who’s responsible for fulfilling these?
    The event organiser usually ensures all needs are catered for.

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