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An interview with Erik at Det Akademiske Kvarter

As part of his work experience at Crescat in May, Julian Jonassen visited Det Akademiske Kvarter, a leading music venue in Bergen that uses Crescat Venue to plan hundreds of events each year. He caught up with Erik, the Technical Manager at Det Akademiske Kvarter, to find out what he thinks about using Crescat on a daily basis.

How easy do you think Crescat is to use?
I find it very easy to use. I use it a lot. I think Crescat is very easy to get to grips with, especially if you have responsibility and large arrangements. I think it's a very nice tool.

What do you like most about Crescat?
What I like most is that it is a very local product, made here in Bergen, just 5 minutes walk from our venue. It is made by cool people and they hit very precisely on what we need.

How do you use Crescat?
I use Crescat to book events in our rooms here. I also use Crescat as a key communication tool with my co-workers and other stakeholders.

What can be improved in Crescat?
I think Crescat are very keen to improve things. What they should do is to continue to work with the customer's perspective in mind, so that the customer finds it easy to understand the software.

What do you like about what you do in Crescat?
My task is to coordinate room requests for those who book and what I think is that the system is very good and very easy to use for managing this process. I have been using it since I started working here at Det Akademiske Kvarter and it is a product that is constantly improving. When they come up with something new, I learn it right away!

Why does Crescat help you?
Crescat helps me because I am very dependent on doing that type of work and having control over people, rooms, etc. Crescat meets that need and gives me the control I am looking for.

Do you have any advice for others who are going to use Crescat?
Don't be skeptical to give it a try. Try it properly and familiarize yourself with it. If others are going to use Crescat then don't be afraid to contact those who use Crescat, to get their opinion.

Would you recommend Crescat?
I would recommend Crescat to all cultural organizers because it is important that organizers and artists and venues have an industry standard so it is easier to work together. Crescat can be that industry standard.

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