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Crescat Festival powers Nordic Music Days 2024

Crescat is excited to announce our partnership with Nordic Music Days, one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals dedicated to contemporary classical music.

Organised by the Nordic Composers Council and managed by the Danish Composers Society in partnership with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the event promises a diverse programme including live music, installations, talks, and screenings.

Festival Managers include Rachel Faulkner for the Nordics and Andy Saunders for Scotland. 

Utilising Crescat Festival, our comprehensive festival management software, Nordic Music Days will streamline their production processes, from artist advancing to accreditation.

Crescat Festival's intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling, detailed reporting, and real-time communication tools will support the festival's goal of connecting cultures and fostering collaborations between Scotland and the Nordic countries.

This collaboration marks a milestone for Crescat, as we bring our innovative technology to an international festival with a rich history that dates back to 1888. 

By providing a seamless backend experience, we aim to enhance the festival's operations, allowing the organisers to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for both artists and attendees.

We look forward to a successful event and the opportunity to contribute to the long-standing legacy of Nordic Music Days!