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Enhancing event management at USF Verftet

In a recent customer reference video, Ragnhild Severeide, the Booking & Event Coordinator at USF Verftet, highlighted how Crescat Venue has revolutionized their event management processes. With Crescat, the USF team can easily share and access vital event information, from schedules and technical riders to special requests, ensuring seamless coordination and execution of events.

Key features like real-time information sharing, internal and external team collaboration, and efficient management of venue spaces have been pivotal.

We’ve seen a dramatic improvement since adopting Crescat

Ragnhild Severeide, Booking & Event Coordinator at USF Verftet

USF Verftet: A Hub of Culture and Creativity in Bergen

USF Verftet, located at the historic site of the United Sardine Factory in Bergen, Norway, is a beacon of art, film, and music. Once the largest cannery in the country, this iconic building now hosts a vibrant cultural scene. Spread over 12,000 square meters, USF Verftet is a melting pot for around 200 artists and creative professionals, showcasing their talents across various genres and mediums​​​​.

A Venue of Significant Scale and Diversity

USF Verftet stands out with its unique mix of venues, catering to a diverse range of events. The complex includes Cinemateket USF, a 60-seat cinema showing experimental and classic films; Sardinen USF, a 450-person club and concert venue; Røkeriet USF, the largest venue accommodating 1300 people for larger concerts and performances; Studio USF, an intimate black box stage for more personal performances; and Visningsrommet USF, a gallery for contemporary art. Additionally, Kafe Kippers serves as a communal space, and Hallen USF is a newer venue for larger events with up to 3500 people​​​​​​​​​​.

A Future of Enhanced Collaboration and Success

USF Verftet's adoption of Crescat marks a significant step in its journey towards more efficient and collaborative event management. This partnership illustrates Crescat's commitment to transforming the event industry through innovative technology, underlining its role as a vital tool for leading cultural venues like USF Verftet. Crescat continues to redefine event management, fostering a more connected and dynamic industry.

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