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Product update: New Features and Updates

24/01/2024: Since the beginning of the year, we have worked on delivering exciting updates to the product, with the consistent goal of improving the product’s ease of use and functionality. Please try out these new features and let us know what you think about them!

Card view for Item Lists

To improve visual distinction, we've introduced a sleek card view for Item Lists. This not only enhances the page aesthetics but also reduces visual clutter, offering a more intuitive and pleasing experience.

Intermediate step

The intermediate step is also sporting a new look. The intermediate step is now organised into cards, which makes it easier to find the information you need. Additionally, Festivals can now hide tabs on the intermediate step that they do not use to ensure a cleaner and more focused working area. 

Further updates to the Festival product include the ability to edit the labels on the default About You fields on Public forms. Now you can customise every field on public forms to have the titles you want.

Deleting events

Group Administrators are now able to delete Event requests, preventing clutter in the request lists. The request page for deleted events has been upgraded with essential details about the event to be deleted. 


On the Dashboard, right clicking on a day now has more options to shorten your workflows on some key actions helping you save valuable time. We have also introduced the ability to format Header Rows on running orders for increased customization and visual appeal.

Bug fixes

On the bug-fixing front, the scrolling issue on iPads have been solved, ensuring that you can continue to work at full capacity on the go. 

We hope you have found or will find these updates helpful and useful, as we continue to deliver on our promise to make your events management a breeze on Crescat. We are excited about these updates and confident that they will greatly enhance your experience with Crescat.

Thank you for choosing Crescat as your preferred event management solution. We remain dedicated to making your events truly exceptional.

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