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TikTok's Alberto López joins exceptional lineup for Music Tech Conference Bergen

As co-founders and supporters of Music Tech Conference Bergen, the annual music technology event bringing together leaders and innovators from the industry to Norway's cultural capital, we are delighted to share that Alberto López, a leading figure at TikTok and a key player in developing the platform’s music strategy, will be attending this year's conference. 

López, who recently played a central role in negotiations with Universal Music, will share his insights on how TikTok influences the music industry and explore future opportunities for artists and music creators, in a conversation with Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt from IMMF (International Music Managers Forum). The conference will be held in Bergen on Tuesday June 11 and Wednesday June 12, at creative hub and valued Crescat Venue customer, Bergen Kjøtt.

Alberto López is currently the Senior Manager of Licensing & Partnerships at Bytedance/TikTok. Born and raised in Madrid, he is now based in Miami, where he began his career in the music industry as an MBA intern at Universal Music Group in 2016. He later served as Associate Director of Global Digital Strategy and Partnerships for Universal Music Group in Los Angeles. 

In his current position, Lopez is responsible for negotiating complex global licensing agreements with record labels for Bytedance’s products. Since joining TikTok in 2020, Lopez has been central to the negotiations and execution of TikTok’s global deals with major record labels, including the recent negotiations between Universal Music and TikTok. Lopez has also supported significant artist initiatives such as J Balvin’s “JOSE” (JOSE x TikTok) and Rosalia’s debut live stream of her album “MOTOMAMI.” 

“Music has always played a central role in my life, and being able to contribute to improving the livelihoods of artists and musicians in a more diverse and equitable music landscape is a dream come true.” says López.

We are looking forward to hearing Alberto's insights and perspectives on the future of music and technology at MTCB. López joins an exceptional lineup of leaders and innovators from the music technology industry. The conference offers a platform for sharing knowledge, exploring new trends, and networking with industry colleagues across borders. Learn more about the conference, including programme details and registration information at mtcbergen.com.

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