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Product Update: Timeline Templates

05/12/2023: We're excited to announce some major improvements to Timeline Templates, making it easier than ever to create reusable timelines for your events. This is how the timeline editor looks when building a new template.

Reworked Interface

You can now see exactly how your timeline will look on the event page when you're setting it up as a template. The old list view has been replaced by a new visual drag-and-drop calendar template which makes the setup process faster and more natural.

Head into the Templates section to see what your previous templates look like and create new ones.

Dynamic Timing Options

The contents of the timeline template are no longer locked to starting at specific times, making timeline templates a lot more versatile. Now you can schedule assignments and other items relative to the start of the first show of an event, or the start of the production period.

To use this, create a new template and select your preferred type - relative to show start or relative to Production Start.

For clarity, above the name of the template you're editing, there's a short description of the template type and what it's timed relative to. The “0” on the timeline represents the start of the show time or the start of the production period, depending on your choice when creating the timeline. 

Important note:
The Type chosen while creating the timeline template can not be modified in the future.

We hope you find these upgrades useful as you set up and use timelines on your events. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can further improve Timeline Templates at support@crescat.io.

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