Approve, Reject or Adapt Bookings With a Keystroke

DET AKADEMISKE KVARTER: The Academic Quarter is the students’ culture house in Bergen. Here, 200 volunteers work to create a wide range of cultural events every single year. Crescat Venue is their production tool of choice.

Room booking, room booking, room booking…

With over 2000 events a year, spread over several stages and rooms, being kept up to speed in fine detail is absolutely essential. Some of the events are planned by Den Akademiske Kvarter itself, but others may rent locations as well. Dozens of room booking requests are submitted every month, and with Crescat Venue, Det Akademiske Kvarter slips seamlessly from booking request to lock up.

Technical Manager and room coordinator at Kvarteret, Erik Alfredsen, is pleased as punch with how the process flows. “We can adapt the booking form from Crescat to our needs, and with a simple keystroke we can approve, reject or adapt without being dependent on e-mail and telephones.” says Alfredsen.

Collaboration yields results

The Kvarteret collaborates very closely with a number of organisers, and of course, its own sub-committees. Norwegian organizations such as Aktive Studenters Forening, Bergen Filmklubb, Bergen Realistforening, and Studentersamfunnet can easily send in booking requests via Kvarteret’s website, right on the public booking calendar provided by Crescat Venue.

“Crescat Venue gives us a clear overview of both the planning and execution of all our events. It is easy to plan for the crew, events, and requests for location booking“.

Good “back and forth” between Den Akademiske Kvarter and Crescat

Den Akademiske Kvarter went into full operation with Crescat Venue in March 2020. Since then, there has been a close collaboration to streamline several processes for Den Akademiske Kvarter.

We await the next collaboration with bated breath!

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