Cue Sheet: Lighting the Way for Perfect Timings! ⏱️💡

What is it? 🤔
A Cue Sheet is a detailed timeline for technicians, pointing out when to make certain things happen. It’s the guide for those perfect lighting changes, sound cues, and more!

A Bit of History:
Before digital days, cue sheets were literal sheets with hand-written notes, passed among the tech crew. Talk about old-school cool!

How does it differ from the Running Order?
While the Running Order gives you a broad sequence of events, the Cue Sheet dives deep into the specifics, moment by moment.


  • Who’s in charge of the Cue Sheet?
    Generally, it’s the domain of the stage manager or the technical director.
  • Does every event need a Cue Sheet?
    If there are technical elements involved, yes! From theatre plays to concerts, cue sheets keep things seamless.

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