What does 'Changeover' mean?

Changeover in Live Event Production

Changeover in live event production refers to the process of transitioning from one act or performance to another on stage. This term is commonly used in the music industry, especially during music festivals, concerts, and other live events.

Key Aspects of Changeover:

  • Equipment Setup: Changeover involves setting up and testing the necessary equipment for the next act, such as musical instruments, microphones, and sound systems.
  • Stage Layout: The stage may need to be reconfigured to accommodate the specific needs of the upcoming performance, including moving props, backdrops, and other stage elements.
  • Time Management: Changeover requires efficient time management to ensure a smooth transition between acts and minimize downtime for the audience.
  • Crew Coordination: It involves coordination among stage crew, sound engineers, lighting technicians, and other personnel to execute the changeover seamlessly.

Overall, changeover is a crucial aspect of live event production, as it directly impacts the flow and success of the event. It requires careful planning, coordination, and execution to ensure that the audience experiences a seamless and enjoyable event.