Tour Manager: The Compass for an Artist’s Journey! 🌍🛫

What is it? 🤔
Imagine being responsible for an artist’s entire tour – from travel and accommodations to day-to-day schedules. That’s the Tour Manager for you!

Hopping into History:
In the days of rock ‘n’ roll, these folks were the glue holding wild tours together. They’ve always been the unsung backbone of successful tours.

Isn’t this like the Stage Manager?
A Stage Manager focuses on the event’s flow, while a Tour Manager ensures smooth sailing for an artist’s entire tour journey.


  • Do they decide the tour locations?
    Not entirely. They coordinate the logistics once locations are set.
  • Is it all work and no play?
    It’s demanding, but touring with artists also means unique experiences and a front-row seat to amazing performances!

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