What is a Technical Rider?

Technical Rider

A technical rider is a document used in the live event production and music industry to outline the technical requirements of a performance or event. It is typically provided by the performing artist or their management to the venue or event organizer to ensure that all necessary technical aspects are in place for a successful show.

Key Components

  • Sound requirements, including specific equipment and setup details
  • Stage layout and dimensions
  • Lighting requirements, including types of fixtures and control systems
  • Backline equipment needs, such as amplifiers, drums, and keyboards
  • Power and electrical needs
  • Special effects or pyrotechnics, if applicable


Having a clear and detailed technical rider helps to ensure that the performance runs smoothly and meets the artist's expectations. It also allows the venue or event organizer to prepare in advance and avoid any last-minute technical issues.

Overall, the technical rider is an essential tool for communication between the artist and the production team, and it plays a crucial role in the success of a live event.

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