What does 'Stage Plot' mean?

Stage Plot

A stage plot is a visual representation of how a band or performer wants their stage setup to look during a live event. It is an essential tool for event production and helps ensure that everyone involved in the event, from the venue staff to the sound and lighting crew, knows exactly how the stage should be set up.

What does a stage plot include?

A typical stage plot includes the following elements:

  • Placement of instruments and equipment
  • Microphone locations
  • Stage layout and dimensions
  • Monitor and speaker placement

Why is a stage plot important?

Having a clear and detailed stage plot helps to streamline the setup process and ensures that the performers have everything they need to give their best performance. It also helps to prevent any misunderstandings or last-minute changes that could disrupt the event.

Ultimately, a well-prepared stage plot can make the entire live event production process run more smoothly, leading to a better experience for both the performers and the audience.