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New Feature: Festival Rollover - Your Assets Are Covered

For a while, we have wanted to make festival setup in Crescat even easier. And with one great update, the wait is over 😎 Now, you may reuse assets from another festival in your group!

The available types of assets include Contact Types, Performance Types, Accommodations, Progress Bars, Advance Sections, Advance Contacts, Advance Info Sections, and the list certainly goes on.

Rundown of The Basics

The festival’s settings are where you will see the import function used the most.

Clicking on items in the settings menu will often reveal a new button in the upper right of the resulting settings page—the Import button.

Let’s take a look at what it does and how to use it. In this example, we’ll use a festival’s Users settings page under Members. Importing other types of assets will always follow a similar process.

This is the slideout for importing users. Like most of the import slideouts, this one lets you select the Group and Festival that contains the assets you’d like to import.

Designed to reduce unexpected results, the slideout’s red text informs of potential pitfalls before you commit. In the Import Users slideout in the image above, we’re encouraged to import Roles from the related festival first. This lets Crescat add those Roles to the Users on their way into your festival.

Clicking Add All will instantly select every item in the list. You can then deselect some if you wish, or import everything! Naturally Remove All unchecks everything.

Not Just For Settings

For the most part, the process is similar wherever you click the import button. Let’s see two more quick examples.


In your usual Create New Event slideout, you can click the brand new Import button in the upper right corner.

This one allows you to import some or all events from another festival in your group—handy if you will have the same format as last year. You can even override the event’s name with a placeholder of your choice.

Festival Sections

When creating a new Festival Section, you may click Import in the upper right to reuse festival sections from other festivals in your group.

This one cautions us to import Accreditation levels and Scheduler from the relevant festival first if we’d like to completely mirror the other festival’s setup.

All of us at Crescat are super excited about this new update—because we’ve been working hard to make work easier for people like yourself—and we can’t wait for our Festival users to reap the benefits!