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New Feature: Merge Duplicate Contacts in Seconds

Now Crescat can help you merge multiple contacts into one. When a person exists as multiple contacts in your group, their information can get scattered across different events. Crescat helps you consolidate this data into a single entry and removes the duplicates of that contact from the list.

Detect Duplicates & Merge

Opening up your group’s Contact List in Crescat will reveal some subtle new additions. The first is a new button labelled Find Duplicates in the upper right. Clicking it sends Crescat off to search for duplicates and present you with the results.

The results panel will display how many entries were found for the listed contacts. In our example, Crescat has detected 2 entries for Ava Springer. Each displayed contact has a merge button which can be clicked to enter into the final step. Let’s click Merge on Ava.

The final slide-out is where you can do the actual merge. The “Selected Alternative” column is where you choose the items to keep. In Ava’s case, the only thing we need to select is her professional email address. The items without differences are automatically selected. Once the “Merged Value” column contains the data you’d like to keep, click the merge button at the bottom of the panel.

Select Manually & Merge

Notice that Crescat didn’t flag Ava Singer as a duplicate of Ava Springer because the criteria for matching weren't met. Using the checkboxes, you can select and merge any contacts you’d like, among other things.

Clicking Merge will let us jump straight to the final step where we select the values we’d like to keep.

We sure do like this new feature, how about you?

When it’s crunchtime, one can't be expected to double or triple-check if contacts exist before adding them anew. Merging Contacts is another feature we’ve added to Crescat as a commitment to helping you work, fast, easily, and effectively and we hope it brings a smile to your face every time you need it.