Load-In and Load-Out Crew: The Unsung Heroes of Event Setup! 📦🔧

What’s are they? 🤔
They’re the behind-the-scenes champions. The Load-In team gets all the equipment in and sets it up, while the Load-Out crew ensures everything is packed up and out when the event’s done.

Rolling Through Time:
As events grew grander, the importance of an efficient crew became paramount. They’re the foundation of any event.

How’s this different from Roadies?
Roadies are typically associated with bands, helping with their specific gear. The Load-In/Out crew is venue or event-specific, handling all equipment coming in or out.


  • Is the job physically demanding?
    Absolutely! It requires strength, coordination, and speed.
  • Do they need training?
    Often, yes. Especially for handling specialised equipment safely.

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