What is 'Load-In and Load-Out Crew'?

Load-In and Load-Out Crew

Load-in and load-out crew refers to the team responsible for the physical setup and teardown of equipment and gear for live events, particularly in the music industry. This crew plays a crucial role in ensuring that the event runs smoothly and efficiently.


During load-in, the crew is responsible for unloading and setting up all the necessary equipment for the event. This can include stage equipment, sound and lighting gear, instruments, and any other production elements. The crew must work quickly and efficiently to ensure that everything is set up according to the event's specifications and timeline.


After the event is over, the crew is responsible for dismantling and packing up all the equipment. This process is known as load-out. The crew must carefully pack and load all the gear to ensure that it is transported safely and efficiently to the next event or storage location.

Overall, the load-in and load-out crew plays a vital role in the success of live events, and their hard work behind the scenes is essential for a seamless production.

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