What does 'Dimmer Pack' mean?

Dimmer Pack

A dimmer pack is a device used in live event production, particularly in the music industry, to control the intensity of stage lighting. It is an essential tool for creating dynamic and visually appealing lighting effects during performances.

How It Works

A dimmer pack is typically connected to a lighting console or controller, which allows the user to adjust the brightness of individual or groups of lights. This level of control is crucial for creating the right atmosphere and mood for different parts of a performance.


Dimmer packs often have multiple channels, each capable of controlling a separate light or group of lights. This allows for precise and intricate lighting designs. They also usually include built-in safety features to protect against power surges and overheating.


  • Enhances the visual impact of live performances
  • Allows for creative and dynamic lighting effects
  • Provides precise control over stage lighting
  • Improves the overall production quality of events

Overall, a dimmer pack is an essential tool for any live event production team looking to create a visually stunning and immersive experience for their audience.