What is a Followspot?


A followspot is a lighting instrument used in live event production, particularly in the music industry, to track and illuminate a performer on stage. It is operated by a followspot operator who manually controls the movement and intensity of the light to keep the performer in focus as they move around the stage.

Key Features:

  • Intense light source
  • Manual control for movement and intensity
  • Ability to track and follow performers on stage

Common Uses:

Followspots are commonly used in concerts, theater productions, and other live events where a performer needs to be highlighted and followed as they move across the stage. They are essential for creating dramatic and dynamic lighting effects that enhance the visual experience for the audience.

Role of Followspot Operator:

The followspot operator plays a crucial role in ensuring that the performer is always well-lit and in focus. They must have a keen understanding of the performance and be able to anticipate the movements of the performer in order to keep them illuminated at all times.

Overall, followspots are an important tool in live event production, providing a way to visually highlight performers and create captivating moments on stage.