What does 'Front of House (FOH)' mean?

Front of House (FOH)

In the live event production and music industry, the term "Front of House" (FOH) refers to the area of a venue where the sound engineer and equipment are located to control and mix the audio for the audience. This is typically located towards the middle or back of the venue, and is separate from the stage where the performers are located.

Roles and Responsibilities

The FOH engineer is responsible for ensuring that the sound is balanced and clear for the audience, and they use a mixing console and various audio equipment to achieve this. They work closely with the performers and monitor the sound levels throughout the event to make adjustments as needed.


The FOH plays a crucial role in the overall experience of a live event, as the quality of the sound can greatly impact the audience's enjoyment. A skilled FOH engineer can enhance the performance and ensure that the sound is well-suited to the venue and audience size.


Understanding the concept of Front of House (FOH) is important for anyone involved in live event production or the music industry, as it is a key element in delivering a high-quality and enjoyable experience for the audience.