What does 'Monitor World' mean?

Monitor World

Monitor World is a crucial component of live event production, especially in the music industry. It refers to the area of the stage where the monitor engineer and their equipment are located. The monitor engineer is responsible for providing the performers with the audio they need to hear in order to perform at their best.

Key Responsibilities

The monitor engineer's main responsibilities include:

  • Setting up and operating the monitor mixing console
  • Creating custom monitor mixes for each performer on stage
  • Adjusting levels and EQ settings based on the performers' preferences
  • Ensuring that the performers can hear themselves and the rest of the band clearly


Monitor World is crucial because it directly impacts the performers' ability to deliver a great performance. If they can't hear themselves or the rest of the band properly, it can affect their timing, pitch, and overall confidence on stage. The monitor engineer plays a vital role in ensuring that the performers have everything they need to give their best performance.