Run of Show (ROS): Your Event’s Game Plan, Decoded! 📋⏱

What is it? 🤔
Think of the ROS as your event’s detailed roadmap. It’s a chronological guide detailing tasks, cues, and timings, ensuring all teams know their part.

Background Check:
In the ever-evolving world of events, the ROS has been the unsung hero. Whether it’s an intimate theatre production or a massive concert, the ROS makes sure everyone’s on the same page.

How does it relate to Cue Sheets?
While both guide the event, the ROS gives the broader picture and timeline. Cue Sheets, on the other hand, are detailed plans primarily for lighting and sound cues.


  • Is ROS just for big events?
    Nope! Even smaller events benefit from a well-laid-out ROS.
  • Who prepares it?
    Typically the event planner or producer in collaboration with technical and creative teams.

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