What does 'Run of Show' mean?

Run of Show

In the live event production and music industry, the term "Run of Show" refers to a detailed schedule or timeline of events for a specific production or performance. It outlines the sequence of activities, performances, and technical cues that will take place during the event. The Run of Show is essential for ensuring that all aspects of the production run smoothly and that everyone involved knows their roles and responsibilities.

Key Components of a Run of Show:

  • Timing of performances or presentations
  • Technical cues for lighting, sound, and special effects
  • Transitions between acts or segments
  • Instructions for stage crew, performers, and technical staff
  • Emergency procedures and contingency plans

Importance of the Run of Show:

The Run of Show serves as a roadmap for the entire production team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that the event unfolds as planned. It helps to maintain organization, coordination, and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the success of the event. Additionally, the Run of Show allows for adjustments and last-minute changes to be communicated effectively to all involved parties.

Overall, the Run of Show is a crucial tool for orchestrating a seamless and memorable live event or performance.

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